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Technology is the digital playground of children today. Almost every child has access to a digital device, but we want New Zealand kids to be able to create technology, not just consume it.

Learning to code unlocks the potential of what you can do with technology. Having a solid grounding in the fundamentals of how technology works is the foundation of innovation.

We are constantly surprised at the amazing apps children are able to make when given the best tools and software to use and shown how to use them.

We believe all New Zealand children will benefit from learning these skills. Employers of the future will require their employees to be creative and clever with technology, regardless of the career path they pursue.

  • Imagine the possibilities of what a digital education can do for your child

  • Get your child creating technology instead of consuming it

  • We are a community club with skilled and supportive coaches

  • Young coders complete achievements and their learning progresses through our levels

  • Self-paced training, collaborating with peers or working as individuals

  • Learn, train and master a vital life skill

A club, not a course


Learning about technology isn’t achieved in a day and is more akin to learning an instrument or a sport. CIY.Club provides children and teens with new challenges and projects that will develop their skills and knowledge.

Self paced training


At our club no one is rushed through a fixed set of instructions and left behind. CIY.Club provides a community where coders are able to work together on projects with their peers, or achieve as individuals while being taught and supported by our professional Coaches.

Continual improvement


There is no shortcut for learning and exploring technology. As children complete achievements, they are rewarded for their accomplishments. Each new level unlocks new and harder challenges to support their growth.

Achieve mastery


By completing our growing number of challenges and levels, children can become masters of technology, creating amazing apps, websites or even delving into the world of electronics and robotics. It may take one year to develop into an expert coder or it may take three – where does your child want to take it?

CIY.Club is brought to you by ScopeIT Education, who provide classroom digital technologies training to more than 21,000 school students per week.
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